Founded in 2009 by Wahidullah Ayuobi, ZACC Construction Company is a third-generation, privately owned company based in Kabul, Afghanistan. Zia Ayuobi Construction Company - ZACC serves the entire regions of Afghanistan, specializing in public, government, international donors funded projects, private building and industrial projects. Zia Ayuobi Construction Company offers expertise in construction management, general construction, design/build and build-to-suit lease-back, as well as experience in the corporate, healthcare, senior living, education, retail, hospitality/entertainment and industrial markets.
Throughout the company’s history, ZACC Construction Company has received praise for its quality work and service, its timely delivery, and ability to remain under the project budget. ZACC Construction Company prides itself with meeting client challenges, whether they are budgets, tight schedules, difficult site conditions or unique designs, and boasts an 85% repeat customer rate.
The people who make up the team at ZACC Construction Company embody our values of strength, performance and passion. Our employees have strong connections to these ideals, which has contributed significantly to the progressive growth, success and leadership of our company. They have helped us develop the solutions, systems and project methods required to bring innovation, quality and value to the projects we deliver for our clients.
We have built the highways you drive on, the sidewalks you walk on, the bridges you cross, buildings you live on and the industrial parks your business on. Whatever your project is, we have the experience to do it through our various contracting modes including general contracting/bid-build, CM/GC, design-build, design-bid-build and public-private partnerships.

Our greatest competitive advantage is the expertise and passion of our people. We are motivated to achieve the elements needed to provide project success and build structures and roadways that will leave a lasting impression for our clients, our society and our communities.


Wahidullah Ayuobi

Managing director


Ziaullah Ayuobi

deputy Managing director




co. funder



Hashmatullah Mujidi

engineering Manager



Patrack Lemon

Project Manager



Eng Hashmat Mujidi

Engineering Manager



Hassibullah Ayuobi

Project Managerr



Eng Monawer

Project Manager




design Engineer



Mohmad Haneef

Site Engineer



The general management of the Construction business of the firm will be in the hands of Wahidullah Ayuobi Ziaullah Ayuobi and Eng Abdullah (Ayuobi) who shall carry out the business of the firm, and have the general discretion, Management, superintendence and control of the business, transactions, books, papers, investments, securities, stocks, funds, effects, affairs, property and concern with full powers to purchase or otherwise, acquire and sell or otherwise dispose off for the firm of any goods merchandise property rights or privileges which the firm is authorized to acquire on such price and generally on such terms and conditions as they think fit to engage, suspend or dismiss executives, managers, assistants, engineers, mechanics, clerk and workmen in and for the purpose of the firm, to purchase and obtain all necessary machinery, store and raw material for the purpose of the firm, to sell any such raw material or any of the articles
Manufactured by the firm and likewise to enter into , make and sign all contracts necessary or desirable in the management of the affaires of the
firm and also to make, draw, endorse, sign, accept, negotiate and give all checks, bill of lading, drafts, orders, exchange and other promissory notes
and negotiable instruments required in the business and to open and operate bank accounts of the firm and borrow any amount and secure its repayment by creating charges against firm land machinery, stock of raw materials, stores, work- in – progress and stocks- in – trade an also to sign and give all receipts and other discharges of money payable to the firm and for the claims and demands of the firm and shall have power to institute, connect, compound or abandon any legal proceedings by or against the firm and refer any climes or demands the awards and also to act on behalf of the firm in all matters relating to bankrupts or insolvent and also to exercise powers .
Wahidullah Ayuobi Ziaullah Ayuobi and Eng Abdullah (Ayuobi) may delegate all or some power to other partners agents or the persons as they may fit, and shall have power to grant any person such power of attorney as they may deem expedient and may revoke such power of attorney at any stage .
The financial institution like International Afghanistan Bank (AIB) Main branch) may nominate MS .Z.I.A.A.Y.U.O.B.I Company Afghanistan.